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How It Works

Our system will review the criteria you submit in real time then match you with a local dealership that best fits your current financial and credit needs. Upon approval a credit agent will be assigned to you. She/he will contact you and guide you through the simple process guaranteed installment loans for poor credit. They will tell you where to go, who to meet with, and what to bring with you to secure your auto loan. When you show up for your appointment at the dealership they will have your information and approval already loaded in to their computers.

Our participating dealerships and lenders are located in PA. Our system is designed to only match you with the closest dealership that can help you obtain auto financing.

If you have Bad Credit or even No Credit our system will match you with a dealership who specializes in your situation. No more embarrassing rejections!

What You Need

Each of our participating dealerships has their own requirements. Your assigned credit agent will gather all of the information needed for you. Generally most lenders will require the following documents:

  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Proof of Income (Disability is accepted).
  • Automobile Insurance (We can assist you with this).
  • Phone Bill, Utility Bill, or Checking Account Statement.

About Us

is part of a dealer network that has been assisting customers in obtaining auto loans for over 10 years. All of the dealerships enrolled in our program adhere to our strict loan processing guidelines.

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We have direct connections with reputable used automobile dealerships, new car franchises, and truck dealers through out Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking for a car, truck, SUV, mini-van, or van we have a dealer that can help you obtain your next vehicle.

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Getting Approved for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Obtaining an auto loan with bad credit or no credit can be a daunting task. Most conventional dealerships lack the resources, knowledge, and affiliated lenders required to secure special financing for you. It isn’t uncommon for customers with less than ideal credit to be turned down or hear they need to put down an outrageous amount of money. The constant rejection and run around can be discouraging and often embarrassing.

We live in a day and age where reliable transportation is a necessity, good credit is becoming a rarity, and money is more than scarce. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to put down $6,000 and no one should be forced in to accepting an unreliable clunker that is only going to break down.

Getting a special finance deal approved requires the finance manager knowing how to correctly structure the deal with the right vehicle and submitting it to the right lender. You should never visit a dealership without first obtaining a pre-approval and consulting with a credit specialist.

Our program eliminates the frustration and stress that comes with seeking special financing. Based on the criteria you submit our system will match you with a dealership that can help you obtain financing. Our credit agents will even set you up with an appointment at the dealership and forward all of your information to their computers.

Unlike other auto loan referral and brokering services we work directly with the dealer. We do not pass a service fee of any kind to our customers.

The first step to obtaining your next automobile and rebuild your credit starts by filling out our 60 second application above. Click here to start.

Customer Testimonials

Big John F.
Philadelphia, PA.

“ sent me to Rpm Auto Sales in NJ for a used car and I couldn’t be happier! They have a huge selection to choose from and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend.”

Allentown , PA

“I bought a used truck on from Rpm Auto Sales in NJ. At first, I was not thrilled about the one hour drive but, now am I glad I went there. I had a pre-approved loan waiting for me and a huge supply of trucks to pick from. The people at Rpm Auto Sales are now my friends in the business!”

Jimmy D.
Northeast Philadelphia, PA

“I went to a lot of local dealers to try to get a nice new ride and just got hassled due to my less than perfect credit file. Then, my sister told me about I put my application in and got a quick approval then, a phone call in about 15 minutes from a dealer.”