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58 The phrah, which accepts the mental presence of the concepts, this bilfiil motion passes to the phase called the intellect. According to him, they become one of the present in this way as it becomes bilgiil. All existing ones carry the feature of this way. Accordingly, it is possible to re-flow in the mind of this Bilfiil, which is being abstracted by its substance presence and identify with Bilfiil mind. Then the second is the second ones occur. Therefore, these initials, which are actually bilgiil, are in the Bilkuvve position according to the second match. When the second is familiar with the occurrence, the mind becomes the Bilfiil’s mind of both the first and seconds are familiar with. The Bilfiil mind at this stage is now different from the first stage and the prospective mind is the name of the mind. Because this way, when the Bilfiil Mind occurs in this way, when the Bilfiil Mind has occurred and this is flowed in the mind, when these Bilfiil mind is no longer streamed, it is not to be familiar. Therefore, at the Bilfiil Mind Level, which is the first stage, they are flowed by the abstracts of the external world and are taken in terms of being bilkuv and in terms of being a bilkuvand, the intellectual level is now 56 Fârangî, Risale Fi’l-Mind, p. 12-15. 57 Fârâbî, Kitâhi Ehli Medîneti’l-Furzi, the work of the work, “Note, how to stream of this force, and the reason for this is the” Heylılışî Mind ‘statement that “HEYSA’ Look at. 62-65. Also look., A. Bedevî, AGM., P. 8. 58 Fârâbî, AGE., P. 15-16.

Discrete from the substances, the Bilfiil, who has gained a new asset in the mind, and never found in the article, are not found in the articles, which are not found in a substance according to Fârâbî, and that they are not found in a substance according to Fârâbî, but not in the external world. Because they are available when it is streamed; Aqueous Zât, they will definitely not need abstraction, unlike them in an abstract state, and the bilfiil is familiar with the Bilfiil, as it getscribed. These are exactly how accame, but after the whole is flowed or the majority of the Bilfiil becomes only possible. Here is the mind that the mind is made up of mind.60 Fârabî, discussed by modern commentators, is different from Alexander, as shown to be seen in this statement. Zira In Alexander, the discrete active mind, which enables human to become aqueous of the Bilfiil, was taking the intellect of mind in terms of their action in human. However, after the Fârâbî’s preliminary mind, human, almost all is flowed and the second streams such as five-disclosures, ingredients are fully accumulated. According to him, the mind of the mind, the previous order of the Bilfiil in the previous order, he is also like the material of the mind. Bilfiil The mind is also the mind of the mind, bilkuv and the mind is also in its mind. After this stage, the copies begin to land until they reach the Cismani.

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